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Hello, my name is Oliver Enné. I am a creative consultant and creative director living and working in Copenhagen. Since 2014, I’ve worked in advertising, publications and fashion producing work for amazing clients such as Martell, Kilroy, Durex, Euroman, BorjomiNordisk FilmVinny’s and Libertine-Libertine. During this time, I’ve worked on global campaigns for Virtue Worldwide and as creative director for MUST, leading projects for clients such as UNICEF and Lev Uden Vold. I decided to call my company Verdens Bedste Nogensinde™ which translates to world’s best ever because I am clearly not. Seven years in, I’m not sure the name has aged well, but I am sticking to it. Whenever I have free time I do passion projects. I created Programmet om Ingenting, a Danish interview podcast with some of the biggest names in entertainment as well as RITUALER, a series of short films about creativity. It was exhibited at the country's largest art museum, SMK. I do concepts, writing, talking and directing. I’ve interviewed some of my heroes including Glenn O’Brien and Jim Walrod. I believe that I am un-natural talent since I was never naturally skilled at anything and thus had to try very hard to get to the point where I am now. 

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